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Psychological support for health professionals

I want to provide a place dedicated to health professionals as I know that seeking help as a health professional brings different challenges and requires expert help.  For example, it can be really hard to ask for help when you are usually in a position for caring for others. However, I believe that seeking help is a positive step and using therapy to understand yourself further can only be an asset to you and your job role. I am passionate about reducing the incidence of emotional distress among my colleagues and therefore I wish to offer a place that reduces the barriers to asking for help. 

Experienced in supporting health professionals

I have considerable experience of offering psychological therapy to doctors and nurses of all levels, allied health professionals including other psychologists* and therapists as well as individuals from senior NHS management. Please do get in touch if you are interested in finding out what working together could look like. 

Health professionals receive 20% off all session rates.


* Being a psychologist and seeking help can be particularly difficult. I am experienced in working with psychologists and consequently helping individuals to navigate the complexities related to being both a mental health professional and finding life challenging. 

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